Sleep Dentistry Melbourne: Sedation Dental Services
Sleep Dentistry Melbourne: Sedation Dental Services

Sleep Dentistry Melbourne: Sedation Dental Services

Are you in need for sleep dentistry services in Melbourne but worried about the process? We understand not everyone loves dentistry like we do. Although dentistry has changed over the years, some patients are plagued with fear and anxiety and will often forgo necessary dental treatment which can ultimately affect their overall health. 

Melbourne’s Greenvale Dental Group can offer our patients the service of sleep dentistry, or otherwise known as “twilight sedation.” Sleep dentistry does not involve Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas, happy gas) but rather, a mild dose of general sedation anaesthetic which is administered and monitored throughout treatment. Sleep sedation allows the patient to be in a sedated state but still responsive to directions. Patients will be relaxed and unaware during and after their sleep dentistry treatment. 

This is a specialised sleep dentistry service and requires the assistance of a specialised dentistry anaesthetist. Sleep dentistry service is not suitable for patients requiring “on-the-spot” dental attention due to the complexity and nature of this procedure. 

Dr Soraya Eakins is currently the only practitioner at the practice performing sleep dentistry and treat patients under sleep sedation. Anaesthetist costs not part of the sleep dentistry services and are separate from Greenvale Dental Group fees. These will be payable to the anaesthetist at the time of treatment. 

What is the process to book an appointment for sleep dentistry and sedation in Melbourne? 

  1. Arrange your initial sleep dentistry appointment with Soraya to discuss your dental issues and fees.
  2. Patient is assessed by anaesthetist for suitability. No fees required by the anaesthetist at this stage.
  3. Once suitability is met, a deposit is required to book and confirm the anaesthetist. Deposit is non-refundable.
  4. Sleep dentistry treatment date is based on the anaesthetist availability. 

How can sleep sedation help me?

Sleep Dentistry is ideal for:

  • Patients who are unable to tolerate needles during dental procedures (patient must be able to tolerate a needle in the arm as it required for this procedure)
  • Patients with a general fear or anxiety about dentistry
  • Patients with past dental experiences that have been uncomfortable or traumatic
  • Patients who gag easily (strong gag reflex) 
  • Patients who require longer appointments due to the complexity of their dental issues
  • Patients who require multiple appointments but want to shorten their time at the dentist 

Dental sleep sedation isn’t for everyone. Greenvale Dental Group staff are trained in patient care and can assist to alleviate your dental concerns. Often the fear lies within a perceived idea about sleep dentistry rather than the treatment itself.

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