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General Dentistry: Book General Dental Care Services Today

General Dentistry: Book General Dental Care Services Today

What is General Dentistry?

General dentistry (often referred to as family dentistry), encompasses a variety of dental treatments aimed at the patient’s overall oral care.

Our professional dental team can assist with the following:

First Appointment

At your first visit we will provide a comprehensive treatment plan to explain further procedures and their associated fees. We will provide educational literature to assist, and of course, we are happy to answer any specific questions.

Comprehensive Oral Examination

A six monthly dentistry check-up not only aids in the prevention of major dental issues, it also plays a vital role in your overall health and well-being. Patients who regularly visit the dentist find their overall costs are more affordable, with fewer out of pocket expenses due to an unexpected dental emergency.

At Greenvale Dental Group, our routine dentistry check-ups and full oral examinations are conducted by an experienced dentist to detect:

  • Damaged fillings
  • Changes to gums
  • Broken teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Signs of decay
  • Soft tissues pathologies

Our dentists will examine the tissues in your mouth, throat and tongue and are adept at detecting serious general, dental and oral health problems such as oral cancer, diabetes or vitamin deficiencies.

When was your last general oral health check-up?
Make a general dental appointment with one of our general or specialist dentists today.


Through x-ray, a dentist can assess the health of your teeth by checking for general signs of dental decay, cracks in the roots, infections or loss of bone and monitor the progress of developing teeth. X-rays assist a dentist to ascertain existing problems which may have otherwise gone undetected.

Patients can be wary of exposure to radiation via x-ray. Greenvale Dental Group use digital x-ray equipment which provides up to 90% less exposure to radiation than traditional non-digital systems. The level of radiation from your dental x-rays will be less than being exposed to the sun.

In some cases, an OPG (panoramic or wide view x-ray) or a CBCT scan is required.

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