Root Canal Treatment Melbourne

Root Canal Treatment Melbourne

Root canal treatment (RCT) is a common, endodontic procedure where the tooth’s pulp has become infected usually as a result of heavy decay, cavities, fracture or injury to the tooth.

You may require a root canal treatment if you are experiencing:

  1. Intense, throbbing pain or constant tooth ache;
  2. If your tooth is sensitive to hot or cold food/drinks;
  3. Swelling of the face or gums;
  4. Your tooth has become loose.

The aim is to save the natural tooth which might otherwise have been indicated for extraction. A root canal treatment should feel no different to receiving a filling and is performed under local anaesthetic. It is a multistep procedure which takes place usually over 2 -3 appointments. Sedative dressings and a temporary filling is used in-between visits which allows for normal tooth function. Once the pulp is removed and the tooth is cleaned, it will be necessary to protect the tooth with either a filling or crown (cap).

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