Emergency Dentist Melbourne Northern Suburbs, Quick & Friendly!
Emergency Dentist Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Emergency Dentist Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Emergency Dentist Melbourne

Are you looking for an Emergency Dentist in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs?

Greenvale Dental Group leaves slots open each day for emergency dental appointments. If you have a dental emergency please call our reception immediately on (03) 9333 6854. Emergency dental appointments cannot be booked online.

Common dental emergency symptoms we see include (but are not limited to):

  • Throbbing, persistent tooth pain or ache
  • Broken or chipped tooth
  • Lost filling
  • Wisdom teeth pain
  • Tooth abscess or infection
  • Gum inflammation
  • Face swelling
  • Injury from sporting activity
  • Lose Crown or Veneers
  • Broken denture

When You Need an Emergency Dentist in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs

We understand that sometimes life can throw a curveball, and that you or someone in your family may need to receive urgent dental care. Our philosophy is to provide immediate relief from pain and discomfort or attend to damaged teeth. Our practice reserves same day emergency appointments so you can be assured we can attend to your urgent needs quickly.

Other dental clinics in the northern suburbs melbourne won’t always be accomodating without prior bookings. Your teeth are susceptible to dental issues and are either caused by an accident such as a chipped tooth after falling or jaw pain that seems mild but if not looked at immediately can lead to more complex problems. We know a dental emergency can happen anytime and are here to help you with it.

About Our Emergency Dentists

Our dentists are well equipped to deal with dental emergencies and make that our highest priority whether you are from the northern suburbs of Melbourne or any other suburb around Melbourne.

Tooth extractions, fillings, infection and acute pain; we cover it all and are here for you. To avoid further damage, or alleviate pain, contact our team of emergency dentists Melbourne northern suburbs for immediate attention.

Emergency Dentist Melbourne northern suburbs have to offer can be limited due the number of suburbs around, and being able to get the service you need in such distressing times can be difficult too.

We understand our patients very well and have emergency slots opened daily, which get allocated on a first come first serve basis.

These slots can only be accessed by phone call, thus we recommend that our patients call 93336854 and if they are having trouble with the booking system on the website.

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