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Crown and Bridge

Crown and Bridge

Greenvale Dental Group believes in quality workmanship and products. Our patients can be assured all our ceramic work is manufactured by Australian technicians and laboratories. We work closely with our technicians, and have forged long standing relationships, so our patients benefit from an expertly designed, fitted and colour matched product.

We will never send our laboratory work “off-shore” to cut costs. We insist on products made with quality materials in infection controlled environments; each and every time.


Dental crowns (often referred to as caps), are used to improve strength, form, appearance and function of the tooth. Crowns can be made from porcelain or ceramic and can assist to:

  • replace large fillings where there isn’t enough of the natural tooth remaining;
  • protect a weak tooth from fracturing;
  • assist when a bridge is attached;
  • cover dental implants;
  • cover discoloured or a poorly shaped tooth;
  • cover a tooth that has had root canal treatment.

Dental Crown

What is the procedure?

In the majority of cases, to make and fit a crown, will require two appointments:

1.The dentist shapes and prepares the tooth for the fitting of the crown. An impression is then taken for the lab, so that they can fabricate the crown to the precise shape, size and colour required. A temporary crown is then made by the dentist on the spot to act as a placeholder for the next several weeks.

2. Approximately two week later, the patient returns to have the permanent crown cemented in to place.


A bridge may be recommended if one or more teeth are missing. A bridge can be a great alternative to dental implants for those patients who are not a suitable candidate.

Why would I need a Bridge?

Gaps by missing teeth, over time, cause the surrounding teeth to rotate and shift into the empty spaces which can lead to other dental and health issues. A bridge spans the space where the teeth are missing and is cemented to the surrounding teeth. A replacement tooth called a pontic is attached to the crown.

Bridges can be made from a choice of materials. Our practitioners will assess your current condition and advise the best material based on function and/or aesthetics.


Before and After

The images used by Greenvale Dental Group are of actual cases of the practice. Before and after shots should be viewed as a means to provide information only and does not guarantee individual results. Each case is determined on individual merit and can only be determined through consultation with a Greenvale Dental Group practitioner.

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