Dental Implant Procedure: Learn More About Implant Surgery
Dental Implant Procedure: Learn dental implant surgery process

Dental Implant Procedure: Learn dental implant surgery process

Get the perfect smile

Do you need a dental procedure to replace missing teeth? Dentures are certainly an option for dental treatment, but they can be cumbersome, as they are not a fixed dental solution and need to be regularly removed and cleaned. 

Dental implants, on the other hand, are a durable form of dental replacement that are directly installed into the gums, meaning they are functionally the same as your regular teeth. Their titanium build integrates naturally into your jawbone.

Gain the best possible dental implant service

Greenvale Dental Group conducts the insertion of a dental implant with the following process:

  • In your first appointment, your dentist will determine whether or not a dental implant is right for you, at which point they will discuss it at length with you and answer any of your questions.
    • You will be provided with a dental treatment plan that comes with a financial quote and an information booklet
    • X-rays and scans will be used to determine the placement of the dental implant
  • A dental implant is placed into your jawbone with a minor surgical procedure. After the dental implant is placed, you will go through an 8-12 week healing period during which bone will grow around it.
  • After the dental implant has healed, impressions are taken, and the color for the new crown or bridge can then be determined to match the surrounding teeth.
  • Finally, your replacement tooth is inserted and screwed into the foundation

The dental implant procedure of Greenvale Dental Group is both technologically advanced and developed with your absolute care in mind. Compared to other procedures, our dental implant procedure is

  • A more accurate dental implant procedure
  • A less invasive dental implant procedure
  • A less painful/uncomfortable dental implant procedure
  • A lot more convenient dental implant procedure due to a much shorter dental recovery period

Don’t risk a less effective solution

There are some who may be deterred from a dental implant procedure because of the surgery involved. However, dental implants are the most effective way to replace a tooth – more so than dentures. 

If you take dentures over dental implants:

  • You risk getting a tooth replacement that may not 100% resemble your teeth the way that a dental implant does
  • You get a tooth replacement that is less resistant to biting pressure than a dental implant
  • You may still be subject to jawbone loss or a sunken facial expression (which are less likely with dental implants)
  • You’ll get a less durable solution that will need repair and replacement over time
  • You get a less comfortable solution (especially considering that dentures are not fitted to your jawbone the way that dental implants are)
  • You now have to remember to take your dentures out often (as opposed to dental implants which are fixed)

Dental implants are a more recommended option because, while they are not as instantaneous as lesser dental options such as dentures, an implant works better in the long term. 

Experience the sophisticated procedure of digital dental implants

Dental work is becoming increasingly sophisticated as technology advances. With the help of state-of-the-art 3D technology, dental implants can be placed with unprecedented precision. A computer model of your jawbone is used to design and place a dental implant. As a result, the operating time is reduced (thereby reducing the cost), the risk of infection is decreased, and the recovery process is sped up.

Are you looking for a dental implant procedure in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne?

If you’re looking for a dentist who can provide a high quality dental implant procedure in many of the northern suburbs of Melbourne (such as Greenvale), contact us and we will provide you with a modern, caring approach to your dental health here in Melbourne.

We are so renowned for our high quality dental implant procedure in Melbourne, that we have patients visit our clinic from Greenvale and surrounding suburbs like Craigieburn, Tullamarine, Pascoe Vale, Airport West, Melbourne Airport, Mickleham, Oaklands Junction, Attwood, Roxburgh Park, Meadow Heights, Westmeadows, Campbellfield and Donnybrook.


Do dental implants look like regular teeth?

One of the major advantages of dental implants over other kinds of teeth replacements is that they resemble a tooth the most. The constructed dental implant has a beautiful porcelain crown that is built specifically to match your natural teeth. The rest of the dental implant consists of the dental implant abutment, which connects the crown to the rest of the dental implant, which connects to the bone in order to be held securely in place.

What kinds of foods can I eat after a dental implant procedure?

Another major advantage of a dental implant is that they are an incredibly durable kind of tooth replacement. You can even start eating harder foods and textures again without worry. Dental implants are very long-lasting and do not decay, so they can withstand most food textures .

How long does a dental implant last on my teeth?

Because dental implants are incredibly durable, they last for an incredibly long time. Once they are healed and integrated to your bone, they are fixed and do not need to be taken in and out, unlike dentures. Dental implants do not decay, so you can stop feeling self-conscious because no one will know that you have artificial teeth.

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