Bags? Check. Passport? Check. Ready for much needed break? Check.

But have you booked in to see your dentist? Um. No.

It’s a traveller’s nightmare. Far away from home (and your regular dentist), and you’re struck down with a dental issue: toothache, broken tooth or much worse.

It’s all about Prevention

Of course, there will be situations that arise and cannot be avoided. However, before any extended trip, especially if far away from home or in developing countries, it’s a good idea to book an appointment to see your dentist before you leave. A check-up and clean is a great starting point and will be the most effective way to determine if there are any underlying issues that should be addressed. If you are currently experiencing dental discomfort, such as a nagging toothache, sore gums or things just “don’t seem right”, don’t delay and hope that they will settle, or wait upon your return to have it addressed. These issues can be serious and can flair up whilst away. If you are in a middle of a procedure such as Root Canal Treatment, complete the treatment before you leave.

Things that you should consider before you leave on holidays:

  • Where you are travelling to and the likelihood they will have dental professionals equivalent to Australian standards; both professionally and infection control. These are especially important if any of your dental work will require surgery;
  • If travelling over a major holiday period such as Christmas, will there be a dentist available over public holidays etc. Consider the country you are visiting. Is it one of their major holiday periods with limited services available;
  • Do I have adequate travel insurance that covers dental and what sort of treatments are covered under the policy? Again, consider the country you are visiting. Countries such as the USA are expensive for medical and dental treatments, often running into the thousands for the simplest procedure. It is not uncommon to be refused treatment if you are unable to meet the cost or if you don’t have insurance.
  • Leave plenty of time to book an appointment with your regular dentist. Appointments are limited leading up to a peak holiday period due to high demand. Allowing yourself ample time will take the stress out of preparing for the big trip away and give you peace of mind.

To book in your pre-holiday appointment, contact our rooms on 9333 6854 or book online.