Did you know that one of the safest ways to safeguard your oral health is through attending routine appointments? Depending on your most recent dental examination, this usually means seeing your Greenvale dentist every six months. To some, these appointments might seem burdensome, but we’re here to explain why you should prioritise them.

Your Greenvale dentist catches small problems before they become big ones

Seeing your Greenvale dentist once every six months allows them to catch smaller problems before they become big ones. For example, if they find that you have mild gum disease, you may benefit from changing mouthwash or a scale and polish. Not discovering gum disease at its early stages could result in gum infections, gum and bone shrinkage, and tooth loss.

Similarly, your dentist may identify more complex issues, such as impacted wisdom teeth. Highlighting such problems early on gives them the chance to explore a number of treatment options, allowing you to find convenient time and funds for your treatment.

You’ll spend less on dental appointments as a result

Catching problems early on isn’t just about preventing them from escalating. This approach comes with the hidden benefit of avoiding higher-than-necessary expenses.

For example, most people will require a filling at least once in their lifetime. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, the tools used to create fillings allow for a more comfortable experience. If the infection that warrants a filling exacerbates to the point that you need a root canal, the work is more intensive. In extreme cases, tooth extractions become necessary.

The further dental problems progress, the more they cost. From the appointment length to the tools and staff required, everything mounts up. By attending your routine checks, you reduce the need to meet such costs and maintain your comfort at the same time.

Children become used to the dental environment

If you’re a keen parent who wants to prevent their child from developing a fear of the dentist, bringing them to see us is the best way forward. At Greenvale Dental Group, we do everything we can to make sure the kids in our care have a stress-free experience. The more time they spend attending routine checks, the less likely it is that they’ll develop an unnecessary problem later.

You learn insider tips on protecting your oral health

Sometimes people visit their Greenvale dentist believing that they’re doing the best thing for their oral health. However, everyone’s dental needs evolve as they grow older, which means you need to adapt your approach accordingly.

One example of this is finding that there’s food between your teeth, even after brushing. When this becomes an issue your dentist may recommend flossing and other tools to address the problem. When you attend your appointments regularly, your dentist may even notice problems before you do. As a result, you’ll benefit from insider tips you weren’t aware you needed to seek.

At Greenvale Dental Group, we’re here to help you achieve the best oral health possible. To make an appointment, call 03 9333 6854.