Mickleham Dental Clinic

Greenvale Dental Group is an accredited dental practice and we are passionate about our local community. Our services are ideal for Mickleham residents as we are only a short 8 minutes’ drive just off Mickleham Road.

Welcome to your local Mickleham Dental Care with a full range of dental services. We are here for YOU

The Mickleham Dental Clinic caters to general dentistry services like X-rays, routine check-ups, and comprehensive oral exams.

We at Mickleham Dental understand children’s dental care is important and have services for children that include oral examination, filling, extractions that will ensure lifelong dental hygiene for your children.

Our highly trained dentists at Mickleham Dental Clinic will ensure you get the right dental implant procedure based on your needs.

A dental emergency can happen anytime, whether it’s throbbing ache or persistent pain, broken tooth or denture. We at Mickleham Dental Clinic have you covered.

The dentists at Mickleham Dental Care have extensive experience in root canal treatment. If it’s teeth sensitivity, teeth pain or a loose tooth our dentists will take care of you.

Dental crown and tooth bridges are prosthetic devices that are fixed onto existing teeth and need a dental clinic like Mickleham Dental Facility with a well established reputation.

The dentists at Mickleham Dental Clinic have years of experience dealing with Cosmetic Dentistry services like teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants etc.

If you need partial dentures or full dentures, Mickleham Dental Clinic has dentists that will get your smile back. Patients might take a while to get used to it and our dentists understand that will help you through the process of getting them. The dentists at the Mickleham Dental Care Facility have years of experience to make sure you keep on smiling.

New Patients are always welcome. Call us for an appointment 9333 6854 or book online here.