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Patients often do not think about their wisdom teeth (third molars) unless they are causing the patient issues. Wisdom teeth can:

  1. Effect both the young and the old. Sometimes appearing as early as 16 years of age or as late as 65 years of age;
  2. Cause crowding in the mouth;
  3. Grow in a variety of positions causing other issues to surrounding healthy teeth;
  4. Become impacted due to lack of space in the jaw;
  5. Cause inflammation and infection of the gum covering the tooth;
  6. Be prone to decay due to their location in the mouth which can make them difficult to clean.

Not everyone will develop their wisdom teeth, and in some cases one, two, three or all four may appear.

Patients often forget about their wisdom teeth and do not approach a dentist until they are experiencing:

  1. Red and swollen face and/or gums,
  2. Pain and discomfort;
  3. General feeling of being unwell;
  4. Jaw stiffness.

It is important to have regular check-ups so that your wisdom teeth can be monitored to ensure they do not impact on other healthy teeth. Your dentist may refer you for an OPG (full mouth x-ray) to assess their presence and position.

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